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HANKYOREH is Korea's flagship progressive media outlet
What the New York Times and the Washington Post are to the US, what the Guardian is to the UK and Le Monde is to France, Hankyoreh is to Korea.

We've been with the public every step of the way
Hankyoreh has always been there together in their sadness over the wasted lives of young students lost on the Sewol ferry, in the pain of people forced to endure harsh weather in inadequate housing, and after the tragic deaths of young workers that no one wanted to take responsibility for.

We'll keep working for a world with happiness for all
As an advocate of true journalism, Hankyoreh will never stop moving toward a future in which everyone can smile.



The Hankyoreh is our daily newspaper, available in both print and digital formats. It continues to identify and present news on a range of topics, including climate change, gender, and animal welfare.


The Hankyoreh 21 is a weekly magazine that practices high-quality journalism. No topic is taboo in our wide-ranging approach to investigative reporting.

Economy Insight

The Economy Insight is a magazine about the global economy. It provides a detailed and sophisticated look at the present and future through content partnerships with the world's leading news media.


The Hankyoreh TV represents the Hankyoreh's endeavor to move beyond print media to video. This video platform provides viewers with various programs which has broken new ground in current events and politics programming.


Code of Ethics

Hankyoreh was brought into being through Koreans' sincere and long-standing desire to achieve democracy and a democratic press in their country. All employees of Hankyoreh must always bear in mind that we are a newspaper of the people, created by the people, and that the aim of our journalism is to express and realize the will of the people. Our historic task is to help democratize Korean society, overcome the division of the peninsula, hasten the independent and peaceful unification of our people and secure and advance our people’s right to life. We believe that carrying out this mission requires the press to play its proper roles of healthy criticism and truthful reporting, and demands that individual journalists engage in moral decision-making and practice in line with their responsibility to society. As such, all employees of Hankyoreh must commit to abiding by this code of ethics as they put democratic theory into practice and maintain a stance appropriate for journalists.

HANKYOREH's reporting guidelines

Hankyoreh strives to regularly revise its reporting guidelines such as by creating separate guidelines for reporting on gender issues to increase reader trust.

Sharing opinions and complaints

If you have an opinion to share or are unhappy about inaccurate information in a Hankyoreh article, you can send an email to publiceditor@hani.co.kr or call us at 02-710-0698. Our public editor and our Readers' Rights Committee will speak and act on your behalf. As we strive to better serve our readers, we ask for your continuing interest and support.


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